Precious Metal Salts

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  1. Precious Metal Salts

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  2. Platinum Chloride

    CAS No. 10025-65-7 : Platinum chloride is use as catalyst for the formation of various Carbon - Carbon, Carbon - Nitrogen and Carbon - Oxygen bond.
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  3. Silver Oxide

    CAS No. 20667-12-3 : Silver Oxide is fine black or dark brown powder that is used to prepare other silver compounds. This oxide is used in some silver-oxide batteries. In organic chemistry, silver oxide is used as a mild oxidizing agent.
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  4. Precipitation of Silver Chloride

    CAS No. 7783-90-6 : Silver Chloride is a white crystalline powder use as electrode in electro chemistry, medicine, photography industries.
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  5. Palladium Nitrate

    CAS No.: 207596-32-5 : Palladium nitrate is a red-brown solid powder. It is use as catalyst for alkene nitration to glycol dinitrates.
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  6. Palladium Oxide

    Cas no. 1314-08-5 : Palladium oxide is a dark greeninsh to black colour compound with chemical formula pdo. It is useful catalysts for catalytic hydrogenation in organic synthesis.
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  7. Palladium Black

    Cas no. 7440-05-3 : Palladium black is a coarse, sponge-like form of elemental palladium that offers a large surface area for hydrogen absorption. It can be used as a catalyst for hydrogenation reactions.
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  8. Silver Nitrate

    Cas Number: 7761-88-8 - Silver nitrate is an in-orgainc compound with white crystalline apperance. It is used photography industries, halide abstraction, organic synthesis, biology, medicine, disinfection etc.
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  9. Platinum Oxide

    Cas no. 1314-15-4 Catalyst for hydrogenation and hydrogenolysis in organic synthesis.
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  10. Silver Sulphate

    Cas No. 10294-26-5 Silver sulfate is an ionic compound of silver used in silver plating and as a non-staining substitute to silver nitrate.
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  11. Rhodium Sulphate

    CAS No. 10489-46-0 Rhodium sulphate Rh2(SO4)3 solution is used for electroplating jewellery for bright finish look and also against corroding
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  12. Rhodium Oxide

    CAS No. 12036-35-0 Rhodium Oxide (Rh2O3) is used as catalyst for conversion of CO and NO gases.
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  13. Rhodium Chloride

    CAS No. 10049-07-7 : Rhodium Chloride (RhCl3) is used as catalyst for preparation of amines, pyridine, thioethers, tertiary phosphines and alkenes.
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  14. Platinum Black

    CAS No. 7440-06-4 : Platinum Black (Pt Black) is a fine powder of platinum with good catalytic properties. The name of Platinum Black is due to its black color.
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